Over twenty years ago Ron Benny began a quest to make a perfect pizza. This search led him on an exploration of restaurants across the United States and throughout Italy with amazing wood fired ovens and some of the top pizza chefs in the world. After several years working in the food industry and having the good fortune to gain knowledge and techniques from masters of their craft, Ron built a commercial size wood fired brick oven with a design based on the ancient ovens unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii. Ron learned over the years that the finest quality freshest ingredients baked in a very hot wood fired oven will produce the “perfect pizza” that he began searching for so long ago. 

Along with his son Austin, who began assisting his father when he was just old enough to see into the oven, Ron served up his delicious bubbly wood fired creations to friends, family, and clients. Today, Ron and his son Austin have taken their passion for pizza directly to you. This father and son team has built a beautiful custom wood fired oven on wheels for you and your guest to enjoy their “perfect pizzas” anywhere, anytime. 

Molto Benny is a mobile wood fired pizza experience unlike anything you have had before. Our dough is handmade with imported Italian “00” flour then topped with the finest quality cheeses, artisan meats and the freshest locally grown produce. When these ingredients are married together in our 800 degree oven fueled by aromatic almond wood, the result is a delicious slice of heaven. We look forward to providing you and your guest with a truly unique dining experience.